Nicanor Aguilar 3-55 entre Luis Moreno Mora y Roberto Crespo Toral.
Phones: (+5937) 4195027
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CEDEI School

Ángel Carvajal Vallejo S/N and Canton Vinces- Los Rios
Vía Misicata
Phones: (+5937) 4195035 - (+5937) 4195029




Paseo Cañaris Branch

English Program
Paseo de los Cañaris y Camilo Egas 3-98 
Phones: (+5937) 2802321 - (+5937) 2806538

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Centro Deportivo Hermanos Enderica Salgado Branch

English Program
Guadalajara st. and Av. 24 de mayo 
Phones: (+5937) 0987233225




Federico Proaño 3-20 and Aurelio Aguilar 

Phones: (+5937) 4091833 - (+5937) 4091828





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      About the CEDEI Foundation

      The Center for Interamerican Studies Foundation, CEDEI, was founded by a group of university professors from the U.S., Peru,...

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      CEDEI Locations

      CEDEI has three locations in the city of Cuenca.  CEDEI School has two locations, the Preschool and the Elementary School....

    • Our Team

      The Center for Interamerican Studies Foundation, CEDEI, team of employees are specialists in different areas, focused on...

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      Work with Us

      Welcome.  This form will help us put your information in our database for future selection processes.


    • Volunteer Projects

      Service work is a common goal that unites the students, teachers, faculty, and staff, whether Ecuadorian or from other parts of the world, who have...

    • Access Program

      In October 2013, the CEDEI Foundation, along with the Government of the United States of America, supported the English Access Microscholarship...

    • Community Outreach

      The CEDEI Foundation has demonstrated a strong relationship with and commitment to the community. Throughout the years, we have carried out...

    • Scholarships

      From its beginnings to the present, through the Student Welfare Department, CEDEI has offered scholarships to students with limited economic...


    • English class

      English Program

      The CEDEI Foundation's English Program offers courses for children, teens, and adults. Classes are taught by foreign teachers (native speakers) who...

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      International Programs

      Another area of CEDEI's work is carried out by the Department of International Programs, which offers programs of study for people from different...

    • CEDEI Pre School

      CEDEI School

      In 2000, the CEDEI Foundation began investigating CEDEI educational options for kindergarten and elementary school. That is how CEDEI School, which...

    • Education USA

      Education USA

      CEDEI has an agreement with EducationUSA, a worldwide network of academic advising centers supported by the United States Department of State. The...


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    • Why donate

      All donations are used to support our programs for the benefit of our students. Just a few ways the funds are used include:

    • Other ways to help

      OTHER WAYS TO HELP CEDEI students need help with more than just tuition enrollment fees. You can sponsor our students through the gift of school...

    • Meet our Students

      Meet to  Shelby Smith, Juana Merchán and Juan David.


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