Information for Potential International Parents

Why Choose CEDEI School?

The CEDEI School, located in Cuenca, Ecuador is part of the non-profit organization, Center for Interamerican Studies (CEDEI in Spanish). We are an accredited primary and secondary school with our program beginning with preschool education all the way until high school graduation. We are accredited by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education.

While we function as a regular school, teaching all vital subjects, we are focused on a multicultural and interdisciplinary study of languages. Core courses are taught in both English and Spanish (Math, Science, Language, Social Studies and P.E) and beginning in the fourth grade, French language classes are added to the mix.  Students also have Art, Drama, Music and thought development classes in Spanish.

We do not emphasize any cultures over another but better yet, try to expose our students to many different cultures from all over the world. That being said, each student enters school with his or her own experiences and we encourage this natural cultural exchange!

For some examples of the work our students are doing, feel free to explore their Classroom Projects by level.

To apply for a place for your child at CEDEI School

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application form and cost details.

Documents needed:

About Cuenca

Cuenca, Ecuador has a mixed history which includes native Cañari, Incan and Spanish colonial roots. As of 1999, the entire city has been a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the cultural mix it epitomizes. Located in the southern Ecuadorian highlands at 2,300 meters elevation, Cuenca sits in a small valley (hence its name; “cuenca” means bowl or basin in Spanish).

Healthcare in Cuenca

Recently, many expats from North America and Europe have been attracted to Cuenca for its low cost of living and impressive medical services. It should be noted that although in other parts of Ecuador, malaria can be a problem, Cuenca is at such an elevation that the city is not affected.

Cost of Living in Ecuador

Generally, the cost of living in Ecuador is much less than in North America or Europe. While imported goods you may be used to are generally much more expensive, overwhelmingly costs are much less in comparison.

Information Regarding Visas

As a student at CEDEI School, your child will have to obtain a Student Visa from your nearest Ecuadorian Consulate. We will help through this process. To live in Ecuador yourself, you will need to obtain a Work or Cultural Visa with the help of an employer or different organization. Depending on your country of origin, this process can look a little different. Please contact us and consult the following links for more information.


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