All donations are used to support our programs for the benefit of our students. Just a few ways the funds are used include:


• Sponsoring a tuition scholarship for a child at CEDEI School

• Providing financial assistance to allow a student in need to study English

• Purchasing textbooks, computers, and classroom materials for students in all of our programs

• Hiring qualified teaching professionals in order to provide the highest quality of education for all of our students

• Making building improvements to maintain a comfortable and safe environment for our students to learn in

Your donation can easily be directed toward something you feel passionate about, or you’re welcome to let us find a good use for your gift. How your money is used is entirely up to you!

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We work hard to make every dollar stretch as far as possible in order to help us support as many people as we can. At CEDEI, a little truly goes a long way! Just look and see:





$9 Provides a CEDEI School student’s breakfast and snack for a week

$200 Sponsors one month of tuition for a student at CEDEI School

$300 Pays a teacher to teach a 10 week English course to 15 local students

$1080 Sponsors an International student’s immersive homestay family experience for 3 months

$3,000 Allows a student to take all13 courses in the English program, from beginning to graduation


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