Learn more about higher education in the USA straight from Cuencano students.


My name is David Santos. I am 28 years old, and I live in Cuenca. I became interested in EducationUSA after hearing a radio ad promoting a university open house in Guayaquil. I went to the open house, but I still had some unanswered questions that I couldn’t clear up due to the large number of attendees.

After returning to Cuenca, I visited the EducationUSA office to get more specific information- I got more help than I expected.

EducationUSA helped me through the entire application process for a master’s program. Their service was very helpful, principally because the application process for US schools is completely different from local universities.

Their help allowed me to understand the process and provided a guide for the steps to follow. In addition, the advisers are people who have studied in US universities. On several occasions, because of their experience, they provided me with additional information from what is available on university web sites.

I recommend EducationUSA to those are interested in pursuing their higher education studies in North American institutions. Their help is invaluable; the advisers are very friendly, and they support applicants through the entire process.


david santos


Viviana Chávez Student Experience

For Viviana Chávez, the dream of studying in the USA will become a reality in just a few months. Viviana is 17 years old and is currently finishing her last year of high school at Católica de Cuenca.

A few weeks ago, Viviana was accepted to LaGuardia Community College in New York City (USA). There, she will study Mining Engineering. She chose this major because she likes the risks involved and the opportunities that this career will afford her.

For her first two years of study at LaGuardia, she will finish general courses in Engineering. Later, she will transfer her credits to a university in the US to finish her final 2 years of studies in major-specific courses. After those 4 years, she will receive her Bachelor’s Degree.

To accomplish her dream, Viviana had to complete an application process- EducationUSA played a major part. From the beginning, the advisers at this center gave her the necessary information to understand the programs of study, application requirements, funding, the application process, and more. Viviana asserts that without the help from the staff at EducationUSA, everything would have been much more complicated!

Viviana graduated from the CEDEI English Program in January of 2016. Her English language studies will be a great help to her while she studies in the United States.

Viviana would definitely recommend the services of EducationUSA to other students interested in studying in the USA. She says that it’s totally possible to study in the US- you just have to invest time and dedication!

Those interested in studying in the states can visit the EducationUSA office located at CEDEI Centro, Gran Colombia 11-02 & General Torres.


vivi chavez


Damiana Pacheco Student Experience

26 year old student, Damiana Pacheco, studied Architecture at the University of Cuenca.

About a year ago, Damiana came to the EducationUSA office to investigate her options for getting a Master’s Degree in the United States. She believed that this country offered the best Architecture programs in the world. In addition, the possibility for students to work legally in the US was another key factor that motivated her to visit this office.

A year after her first visit to the EducationUSA center, Damiana has completed the 5 Steps to US Study. For her, her dream of earning her Master’s Degree in the US is getting closer and closer each day. She is very excited for work opportunities in the US during and after her studies.

Passionate about her studies, Damiana stresses that this goal would not have been possible without the help she received from the advisers at EducationUSA. They gave her support in each step of the application process. Without a doubt, she would recommend EducationUSA to other students who want to study in the United States because the services offered at the center are free, informative, and impartial.


damiana pacheco


Rashel Parra Student Experience

Rashel Parra, a dual American-Ecuadorian citizen from Cuenca, first came to the EducationUSA advising center in April 2016. She was interested in studying in the United States for her undergraduate degree, but she didn’t know where to start. Academic advisors, Leah Breeden and Alexandra Cedillo, asked her to attend the free 5 Steps to U.S. Study information session offered every Wednesday at 12H00 and 18H00. At the information session, Rashel learned about how to search for study programs and universities, the admissions requirements to study in the U.S., how to pay for school, and how to prepare for her departure.

After going to the 5 Steps presentation, Rashel began the process of defining her study priorities. She decided she wanted to study Forensic Science. With the help of the EducationUSA advisors, Rashel applied to several different colleges and universities. Leah and Alex made sure that Rashel took the right standardized tests and sent her scores to the schools, that she properly translated all her documents, and that she had all the correct financial documentation.

In the fall of 2016, Rashel received her acceptance letters! She carefully reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of each school. She thought about the geographic location, cost, financial aid awards, and student life that each offered. In the end, she chose Siena College in New York State.

In the picture, we see Rashel enjoying a ski trip organized by the International Student Services office at Siena College during a school break.

Visit the EducationUSA advising center located at Gran Colombia 11-02 & General Torres to learn more about studying in the United States!


Diego Cuji, Student Testimonial

Diego Cuji is from Gualaceo, Ecuador and is a graduate of Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesianos and the Universidad Politécnica Salesianas with an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering. In 2015, Diego applied for the Fulbright Scholarship and in September 2017, he will be heading to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts to earn his master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Diego learned about the EducationUSA office in Cuenca at the CEDEI Foundation, where he was studying English. He decided to visit the center to learn more about studying in the USA. Although Diego’s university application process was handled by the Fulbright Commission in Quito, he maintained close contact with the advisers at the EducationUSA Cuenca office, Leah Breeden and Alexandra Cedillo.

Diego regularly used the center’s free library and computers to study for the TOEFL and GRE exams, which are required for admission to most graduate programs in the United States. Here, he could ask the advisers for help on difficult questions or to look over his essays.

Diego’s first piece of advice for students who dream of studying in the USA is simple: study English! He also advises students to join activities, clubs, or organizations related to their interests. Diego says that having strong extracurricular activities on your student profile will give you an advantage over other students when applying to universities. Finally, Diego recommends building close relationships with professors. All universities in the United States will ask applicants for letters of recommendation. Without strong relationships with professors, getting the required letters would be difficult!

When asked if he would recommend visiting the advising center, Diego said, “Yes! I totally recommend EducationUSA!” 


Cristian Méndez, Student Testimonial. 

It all started when my mom gave me a magazine about American universities. Colorado State University’s logo caught my eye, so I looked up in which state the school was located and I fell in love with the town where the school is found- Fort Collins. That’s how I ended up deciding that I wanted to go to this university.

Currently, I am starting my third year as a Civil Engineering student during the upcoming summer semester, and I’ll be able to finish my undergraduate studies in 3 ½ years instead of 4. I love CSU because it provides scholarship and work opportunities. For example, in my major, we are given the chance to do internships, which give us work experience in our field.

I have a small scholarship of $2,000 per semester that pays part of my tuition and another scholarship that’s more of a work-study that covers my food and housing. Because of this, I’ve helped my parents who don’t have to cover all of my university costs.

About myself, I can tell you that I am from Cuenca, and I graduated from the La Providencia high school in the city of Azogues. I studied English and now I’m happy to have taken advantage of those studies to the max.

My recommendations for students who are developing the idea of studying in an American university would be to never take English classes for granted since those will help them so much-even more so when they’re in college. Also, if a student wants a technical major, it’s so important to study math, physics, and chemistry.

Another recommendation would be that during free time, and on a student’s own account, they should look for resources that will help them speak, read, and write in English. That will help a lot when it’s time to take entrance exams that universities look at when admitting students.

My final recommendation, which is no less important, is for students to do many extracurricular activities since universities don’t just consider grades or look for “geniuses”. Rather, they search for students who participate in leadership activities in the community.

By the way, my name is Cristian Méndez.