Ecuador, India, Mexico and Taiwan are the countries that CEDEI School students will learn about in the coming months. This is part of the multicultural learning that is encouraged at the school.

There are multiple advantages to learning about other countries: it opens up an opportunity to expand our horizons, to remember that there are other ways of seeing the world and perceiving reality. This also allows us to be open to criticism, as well as to be patient and willing to consider other points of view.

In this way, CEDEI School students will discuss the traditions, customs, and gastronomy of various nations of the world. It will be an interesting time to learn about other realities.

The academic methodology of CEDEI School promotes creativity, investigation, and analysis of different themes. This is all done with the guidance of national and foreign teachers who motivate their students in English, Spanish, and French, which is studied starting in third grade.

CEDEI School offers education for different levels:


-General Basic Education

-Bachillerato with an international vision