The benefits of learning English at Foundation CEDEI​ are many. One of them is the opportunity to speak the language with a teacher who is​ a native or fluent English language speaker.

This lets the student become familiar with the language’s pronunciation and accent. With time and constant practice, the student will have a better control of the language.

Another advantage is the opportunity of getting to know other cultures since the teachers at CEDEI talk about their countries’ traditions and customs. This gives students a wider view of the world and other realities, which is fundamental to accept and value other cultures as well as our own.

To this we can add group learning since students at CEDEI interact with their classmates. This skill is very effective since it strengthens language learning while talking only in English in the classroom. Debates, projects, group work are some of the strategies that teachers use to help learning. Everything depends on the level of English and the methodology used by the teacher.

These and other characteristics guarantee the quality of English teaching at CEDEI, an institution with over 25 years of teaching experience in Cuenca.