A new cycle of English classes begins this September 28 with different study options for those interested in learning this language. At the same time, CEDEI offers courses aimed at improving specific areas of the English language, such as Conversation Club. This is a course which helps students to practice the language while they talk about different themes; learners improve their fluency in the language. 

The Speaking and Listening intensive course, on the other hand, are meant for students who need to improve these skills in the English language. 

These and other options help students to improve their English language skills. Interested students can ask about the course that better suit their needs and the times and location where these are offered. 

Registration is open. For more flexibility for our students, CEDEI will also be open on September 26 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at all our three locations in different areas of Cuenca.