The current accelerated social, economic, and technological changes demand greater professional preparation. In this sense, the educational process fulfills a fundamental role in giving solid foundations to student learning.

CEDEI School considers the challenges set by our current society by offering a well-rounded education. It offers general basic education and starting this year, it opened the first year of baccalaureate.

Thus, the academic program at CEDEI School includes in its curriculum national standards in compliance with all the established requirements of the Ministry of Education of Ecuador. At the same time, this educational institution incorporates an academic program in English based on universal content.

CEDEI School’s curriculum gives its students the necessary preparation to face new challenges in other educational areas in the country and abroad. To carry out this objective, the school has a team of national and international teachers who teach English and Spanish from the beginner levels. French, taught starting in the fourth grade, is a fun way to learn about another culture.

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