This week the seniors of the geriatric center María Reina de la Paz will be visited by students from CEDEI’s International Department.    The center María Reina de la Paz is located in Totoracocha(Cuenca, Ecuador) and is attended by more than 100 seniors for daily activities.    These seniors will share a pleasant morning with foreign students from the Augustana College program.   In addition to the visit, the students will donate various items that the center needs.

This is one of the last activities of this group, which arrived the first days of June, before they return to the US on August 14th.  However, before they return they will be taking a trip to Peru.  This trip will include tours of many touristic places, the most important being Machu Picchu.

Through this trip, the Augustana College students will complement their college studies with this cultural experience in which they will learn about various part of the Latin-American culture.