This Monday, the 17th of August, kicked off the open enrollment period for CEDEI School, which offers education for students of all ages starting from preschool going up to high school with an international vision.

In addition, CEDEI School offers an integrated education that goes hand in hand with the needs of the community. By promoting research, trial and error, and analysis we help students get closer to reality, investigate, propose hypotheses, give opinions, and exchange ideas. In that way, the teaching-learning process is constructed alongside the students.

In all levels, students learn Spanish, English, and French with native-speaking teachers. English is used as the language of instruction and Spanish as the native language.

For this, CEDEI School relies on foreign teachers charged with imparting materials in English. The language is assimilated in a natural way since English-speaking teachers are the ones who teach it. Beginning in the fourth year of elementary school, the students also learn French. This is in conjunction with the work of national teachers who manage projects and programs to fortify Spanish.