The students of CEDEI School will carry out various projects in the coming months, aimed at strengthening their knowledge in different areas.

One of the projects will deal with the importance of diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.  Another group of students will work on personal hygiene as a daily habit.

Since environmental protection is part of the educational philosophy of the school, the students will also work on a "Forest Project."  Here the students will plant trees and take care of and clean up the paths and other green spaces within CEDEI School.  The students will also plant a vertical garden with medicinal plants.

All of the projects will be carried out by the students with the guidance of their teachers.  They will also have support from study abroad students from St. Ambrose University and Salisbury University, who will be at CEDEI School to complement their learning in the area of education.

It is important to note that the St. Ambrose and Salisbury students are currently studying in CEDEI's Department of International Programs, where they are continuing with their university studies.  As part of their experience in Ecuador, they will carry out educational activities at CEDEI School.