Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat are some virtual communities currently used by young people. For this reason, the staff at the CEDEI School will promote a "campaign on the good use of social networks." The campaign will begin on February 13 and will continue throughout the year.

The goal is for students to analyze the positive and negative aspects in the use of social networks. Later in the campaign, parents will be invited to present their own concerns on this topic. It's important to point out that the philosophy of the CEDEI School promotes education based on processes of reflection and analysis, so the students can make decisions considering different points of view.

Additionally, the CEDEI School organizes conversation topics every Monday. For example, "Friendship and Companionship" were the topics covered in the conversation this week. Together with their teacher, the students spoke about the meaning of these values and putting them into practice in their daily lives.

All this is developed together with the study of different areas of knowledge. The CEDEI School offers comprehensive education, according to the demands of modern society.