CEDEI School's daily academic schedule includes educational, dynamic, and entertaining activities for students to have fun and, at the same time, learn in various areas of knowledge.

In this process, analysis and investigation have a fundamental role.  The children participate in conversation groups every week, where they give their opinions on various themes.  This Monday, "self-expression" was discussed.

The students will also take exams this week, corresponding to the second block of this semester.  This process is followed closely by their teachers, who will help them with review activities in order to refresh their memory of what has been learned this block.  Additionally, the teachers will create an environment of confidence and motivation, in order to avoid the worries and stress that are normally generated by exams and evaluations.

Finally, all will participate in a talk on recycling, which will be held on Friday.   Ideas will be proposed that each one of us can carry out daily in order to protect the environment.