With a "Pampamesa," or traditional community meal, CEDEI School students will celebrate Cuenca this November, in order to commemorate the anniversary of the independence of the city. The students will be responsible for preparing foods typical of the capital of Azuay, to share with everyone.

This is the main feature of the pampamesa. All will share the traditional food of the city and at the same time enjoy a pleasant moment together. To complement this, the students of the school will participate in a discussion on Cuencano traditions to remember the experiences of yesteryear.

Additionally, grandparents will be the guests of honor to share a special time with their grandchildren at CEDEI Preschool.  They will share ancestral legends and teach traditional games to the children.

This busy week will also include the election of representatives to CEDEI School's Student Council for 2015 - 2016. It is a democratic exercise that will allow students to choose the delegates who will represent them before the educational authorities of the school.

Since learning about different cultures is one of the main features of the school, students will learn about Mexico this month. With the guidance of their teachers, children will learn about the geography, history, and traditions of this Latin American country.

In this way, CEDEI School uses entertaining teaching methods in order to teach students in different areas of knowledge.