The preschool and ninth grade students had their graduation ceremony on Friday July 4th.  The ceremony included the preschool children who will attend CEDEI school starting next year; and the kids who will begin their bachillerato studies in September 2014. 
The students of CEDEI School will enjoy the last stage of the 2013-2014 school year with various activities and events.  The CEDEI School Student Council organized a "Festival of Chocolate" on July 1st for the kids to enjoy a day of games, recreational activities, and desserts.
The ninth grade students enjoyed a farewell campfire on Wednesday July 2nd.  It was a special night to share memories, photos, music, and other activities that will be unforgettable for these students, who will be attending high school next year. 
Student evaluations will be delivered on Thursday and Friday, thus beginning CEDEI School's vacation period.