As part of the preparation stage prior to the start of classes, CEDEI School will have several meetings with the parents of the institution's students.

On August 31st the representatives of the Preschool students will have their meeting with this school year's guide teachers and helpers, to learn about different aspects of the educational process. The official opening of the Preschool will be held Tuesday September 1st, in order to receive the young students with happiness through a small program of magic and games at the school, located at Federico Proaño 3-20 and Aurelio Aguilar.

Parents of students in General Basic Education and High School, from kindergarten through segundo de bachillerato, will attend various meetings scheduled for Thursday September 3rd and Friday the 4th. The aim is to inform them of details of the educational environment and innovative teaching methodology that CEDEI School provides.

The official inauguration of the year for this group will be Monday September 7th at the school, located on the Via a Misicata Km.1,2.

Registrations are still open for the school.