The International Programs Department at CEDEI welcomes foreign students from all over the world with the objective of introducing these students to the various aspects of Latin American culture while they simultaneously work on their university studies. There are three groups currently studying at CEDEI: Syracuse University- January, North Park University, and Spring Semester in the Andes.

The students from Syracuse University, located in New York State, will attend cooking classes to learn the secrets of local gastronomy. With the help of an expert chef, the students will learn to prepare typical Ecuadorian dishes. Additionally, they will visit traditional tourist sites.

The North Park University group, hailing from the state of Illinois, will take part in a presentation on Cultural Shock where they will become familiar with different situations they may face during their time in Ecuador, as being far from one’s native culture can bring out stressful emotions. This type of support aims to assure a pleasant experience for the students.

The Spring Semester in the Andes students are starting their activities this week. In addition to courses tied to their university studies, the co-eds will attend a photography workshop and participate in a cooking class.