An excellent way to finish a study period is to take a trip. Precisely, this was the experience the Fall semester in the Andes students. They traveled to the Galápagos Islands completing the first part of the program in Ecuador.

At the same time, this week began with the second stage of studies in the CEDEI´s International Programs Department. Next week the students will visit the Toquilla Straw Hat Museum, where they will learn the benefits of this natural fiber and the process of transforming the straw into a hat.

In addition, the students will travel to El Cajas National Park, where they will have the opportunity to camp and enjoy a natural environment. Another group that is part of the CEDEI´s International Programs Department is the Fall Education Program; this group of girls arrived on October 14th.

This group is characterized by developing educational practices at the CEDEI School and, at the same time, learning about the Latin American culture. This is how the International Programs Department promotes an intercultural experience.