Since its foundation, the CEDEI has promoted cultural exchange so that people from different countries of the world know about Ecuador and its culture.

The Department of International Programs, through agreements with several universities abroad, especially in the United States, offers to international students the opportunity to continue their education in Ecuador while earning credits through their higher education institutions.

CEDEI organizes several activities aimed at learning about Ecuadorian and Latin American culture from various perspectives. Thus, students travel to cities located in the Coast, Sierra, Oriente and Insular Region, depending on their length of stay in Ecuador.In addition, a wide range of classes and workshops such as cooking lessons where they prepare delicious typical dishes of our country and lectures focused on issues such as migration or Latin American politics. The topics are always related to their academic degrees or they are topics of social interest.

Currently, CEDEI is hosting the Fall Semester group which is made up of college students from several US higher education institutions such as Salisbury University, Siena College, Syracuse University, Miami University, Nebraska Wesleyan University, San Diego State University and University of Alaska Southeast. A student from Linneaus University, Sweden, also participates in the program.

This week, the students will develop several activities such as attend cooking and dance lessons and discuss about ecosystems.