With great enthusiasm, the students of CEDEI School participated in "Cultural Week" which was held from Tuesday May 3rd to Saturday May 7th.  This event included presentations of academic, cultural, and athletic projects that showed the students' level of knowledge.

The Cultural Week started with presentations of academic projects on May 3rd and 4th at the school.  Students from all classes presented their projects on: human rights, the solar system, the African continent, the regions of Ecuador, ancient Rome and its culture, mathematical concepts, scientific experiments, and the construction of turbines.  The youngest students showed their logic skills with a "base 10" game.  The presentations were given in English, Spanish, and France.

Artistic and cultural performances were also important during this week.  The theatrical work "La Pelicula" ("The Movie") was performed on May 3rd, and on May 4th an event was held in the República Sur Cultural Center to launch student literary projects.  There, the students of primero de bachillerato and décimo de básica showed their interests in this area, by presenting their cultural fanzine and an anthology of police narratives called "The Crimes of Decimo," which will be published with support from the Casa de la Cultura.

Dance was also given a space in the "II Annual Sami Kanchi Folkloric Dance Festival," in which artistic groups from colegio Garaicoa, Técnico Salesiano, the University of Cuenca, and CEDEI School participated. This was held on May 4th.

The "Quiz Tournament" held on May 5th put teamwork, knowledge, and the fortitude to take on challenges to the test.  Student representatives from Pasos, Asunción, and CEDEI School competed in this event. The first place prize was awarded to the CEDEI School students.

In light of the musical talents of our students and the importance of the students' socializing with their peers from other schools, who made everyone get up and dance, the "II Annual Music Festival" was held on May 5th, and included student bands from CEDEI School, Asunción, colegio Borja, and Salesianas.

Athletics were given their moment on Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th, in the "Student Integration Fest: Popular games and basketball tournament" and the "Sports Day."

In this way, the institution promotes an integral education with the development of different areas of knowledge, in order to guarantee the personal and academic development of the students.