Better job opportunities, access to better education, and improved interpersonal communication are all benefits of learning English.  On September 15th a new cycle of CEDEI English classes will begin, with different alternatives for learning the language: 

-Regular Courses: These courses have a duration of one hour and fifteen minutes from Monday to Thursday. Dates: September 15th to November 20th. 

-Intensive courses have a duration of two hours per day, Monday through Friday and are ideal for those who want to learn English in a shorter time. Dates: September 15th to October 17th. 

-Saturday classes: With a duration of four hours per week, students can study English on the weekends. Dates: September 20th to November 22nd. 

CEDEI will also offer special courses this cycle such as Speaking and Listening, Conversation Club, and the TOEFL Preparation Course. 


Registrations are now open at our three locations, in different sectors of Cuenca.  There will be uninterrupted hours of attention this week, from 08:30 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.