In the last stage of the school year, CEDEI School has planned many pedagogical, educational, and entertaining activities in order for its students to culminate this school year positively.
The seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students will participate in a training on the use of technological tools. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to enhance their use of electronic devices.
Another activity for the students of these levels will be a trip to Parque Calderon to enjoy the traditional "Corpus Christi" festival. This celebration is characterized by the exhibition and sale of traditional sweets.
Meanwhile, the second graders will visit the CEDEI Foundation's library, located at Gran Colombia 11-02 and General Torres. In order to encourage the habit of reading, students will read stories and books in both English and Spanish.
The tribute to ninth graders by the eighth graders will be very emotional. It will be a special program marking the completion of the basic general education and the beginning of a new stage.
The fourth and fifth graders will share in a "Night of Independence." They will have fun during their sleepover at school with their peers, under the guidance of their teachers.