It is important to awaken interest in studying languages in children, in order for them to enjoy attending classes to learn a new language, such as English.  CEDEI applies dynamic methodologies, aimed at motivating young students to learn this language.
In this way, CEDEI's English courses for children include a project, elaborated throughout the cycle, which includes two phases. The first part is practice, which is the development of the project itself. The second part is an explanation or oral presentation of what each student has created.
Additionally, the methodology used in CEDEI's children's courses gives special attention to reading. Students in these classes must read at least 3 short stories during the cycle, which lasts for 10 weeks.
Once a week, the children read a book or story, according to their level of English, with the guidance of their teachers. During class, the entire group discusses the plot, characters, places, and vocabulary used in the story.

CEDEI's English classes are taught by native or fluent English speakers, allowing the student to be immersed in the language starting from the first day of class.