The teachers at CEDEI's English Program will attend a workshop this week on the Inseparability of Language and Culture, with the purpose of analyzing different aspects involved in the language. 
CEDEI's teachers are native or fluent English speakers. This helps our students to learn the language while at the same time they learn more about the different cultures of their teachers. This learning broadens the students' horizons to undersstand other realities, which helps them to accept and value other cultures as well as their own. 
Another workshop that was given to CEDEI teachers was on how to teach a TOEFL preparation course. The TOEFL is a Test of English as a Foreign Language, a requirement to be accepted in different universities abroad, especially in the United States and Canada. CEDEI offers a preparation course for this test during various times a year. 
Workshops strengthen English teachers' knowledge and teaching skills. CEDEI's English Program is a language institution with over 23 years of teaching experience.