The students of the Syracuse January Program will finish their study abroad program in Chile. This group is made up of 22 students that have studying in CEDEI’s International Programs Department since the 16th of January.

During their time in Ecuador the students have participated in various activities that are focused on immersing them in the culture of Latin America.  This weekend this group will be leaving Ecuador and they will travel to Santiago, Chile.  They will study in Chile for the rest of the semester and they will learn about this South American country.

In CEDEI, the foreign students attend lectures that are on various topics including: migration, current Latin American politics, natural medicine, and ecosystems.  These lectures have allowed the students to learn about different aspects of the Ecuadorian way of life.  Along with these lectures, the students also participate in other activities including: cooking classes, dance classes and trips to cultural places in Cuenca and the surrounding area.

Other groups that are studying at CEDEI are North Park University, Spring Semester, and Dickinson College.