To learn the secrets of making ceramics a group of students from CEDEI’s International Programs have attended pottery classes in Mr. Iván Encalada’s workshop. Mr. Encalada is a well-known cuencano potter.

The students are part of the Fall Semester Program which has been studying in CEDEI’s International Programs department since the beginning of September. The past few days they have been learning basic techniques to shape clay and make decorative pieces that vary depending on their individual tastes and interests. This week the students will be burnishing and polishing the pieces that they made during their last class. Then they will fire the pieces.

The International Programs department have two other programs called “Fall Education” and “Linnaeus University Education Program” that are studying with them. The students of these groups are studying education in their home universities in the United States and Sweden.

Currently these two groups are participating in student teaching in CEDEI School which is located in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this week the students will attend a lecture on “Current Politics in Latin America” and they will travel to Ingapirca. Ingapirca is an archaeological site located in Cañar province.