This week, the students from the group “Spring Semester in the Andes 2017” started their activities with a ceramic class. They have learnt several aspects of Cuenca’s pottery and the beauty of its pieces. 

The classes are developed in the workshop of Iván Encalada, who is an artisan with many years of experience in this area. In this place the students learn how to give shape to mud while they know the characteristics of both utilitarian and decorative pottery.

Another activity is the visit to the Panama Hat Factory. In this place the students will learn about the process and history of this object since the artisans work with raw material to become an exportation product. 

In the week-end the group will visit Chordeleg and Gualaceo, which are little towns located near to Cuenca. There they will visit traditional places, they will taste typical food and will have the opportunity to observe and buy handicrafts of this region. All the activities are organized by the CEDEI International Programs Department, which give them the opportunity to learn some aspects of the Ecuadorian and Latin American culture. 

It is important to mention that the Spring Semester is a group of 11 students, who come from different universities of the United States and Europe. They arrived in Ecuador in January and they will stay in the country until April 27.