The foreign students that are studying at CEDEI’s International Programs Department will take part in various activities to delve into Ecuadorian culture.

For Example, this week the group called “Fall Semester” will learn how to prepare delicious typical Ecuadorian dished.  These university students with the guidance of an expert cook will learn the secrets of how to prepare, Locro de Papas, El Motepillo, and La Fritada.  All of this food will be accompanied with an exquisite juice made from exotic Ecuadorian fruits. 

This experience will be enriching because the gastronomy plays an important part in the Ecuadorian and Latin-American culture.  Along with this activity, the students will participate in other cultural activities including visits to various touristic places of Cuenca such as the museum Pumapungo.  Additionally, the students will receive tropical dance classes.

It is important to add that the groups of foreign students that come to CEDEI will continue their university studies as if they were in their centers of higher education in the United States.