Hogar Miguel León is a center that has many senior residents, and this Saturday the 5th of December they will enjoy a very special morning.   This day the foreign students of the Fall Semester and Fall Education groups will enjoy a very special visit at the center. 

The visit will include a performance of national music and various recreational activities geared towards seniors in which CEDEI International Programs staff and students will also be participating.   There will be a total of 17 students (15 Fall Semester, 2 Fall Education) taking part in these activities.

In addition, the students will be helping by working on various jobs in Hogar Miguel León’s gardens.  This social project will include the donation of cleaning equipment, toiletries and food for their pantry.   Hogar Miguel Leon is a center that takes in: seniors, the terminally ill, girls and adolescents in vulnerably situations.

It is important to outline that community service is a fundamental job that the CEDEI foundation develops through voluntary service projects that are done with various groups of foreign university students that come to our institution. 

At the same time, this is an enriching experience for the foreign students who get to learn various aspects about Ecuador in an existential way. The Fall Semester students arrived in September to Ecuador and the Fall Education students arrived on October 17.