Promoting cultural exchange among students from different countries of the world is one of the objectives of the CEDEI Foundation. For this reason, it has the Department of International Programs that is currently working with the Fall Semester and Fall Education groups.

The first group consists of 12 students: 11 of them come from several higher education centers in the United States and one student comes from Sweden. This program lasts four months. The university students arrived in September and will remain until the month of December. During this season they have realized an agenda of various activities that included a visit to the Galapagos Islands.

For its part, the Fall Education group is made up of students who take courses related to the field of education, for pre-school, primary, and secondary school. Something unique to this group is that they will complete a practicum at CEDEI School, an excellent way to enrich their knowledge and to share their knowledge in a different culture.

All the students who study in CEDEI’s Department of International Programs have the possibility to learn and experience different aspects of Latin American culture. At the same time, they take different classes related to their careers, for which they will receive credits on their university campuses upon their return.