Students from Dickinson College will have a workshop on how migration has affected Ecuadorian architecture.   They will focus on architectural changes to buildings in the province of Azuay due to migration.   The students will be able to analyze the contract between the traditional buildings and buildings that have been influenced by architecture brought from the United States.

The Dickinson College group has been studying at CEDEI’s International Department in Cuenca since July 3rd.   Every week the students have scheduled activities in which they learn about Latin-American culture and which strengthen their university studies. 

During the coming days the students will have geography and political economics classes.   In addition they will have cooking and dance classes, which will allow the students an opportunity to learn about different aspects of Ecuadorian and Latin-American culture.

Augustana College is another group of students that is currently at CEDEI.   They also have a schedule of various activities and touristic tours.  This week they will learn about Ecuadorian Public Health and they will travel to Girón, which is located about 25 miles from Cuenca.