Quichua is one of the ancestral languages of Ecuador.   It is interesting to know that some of the foreign students that study in the International Programs Department at CEDEI are learning this native language.

This is the case for the Summer TEFL Program students, who will receive Quichua classes at the CEDEI Foundation.   In the coming days they will learn survival vocabulary in this language.  As part of a requirement to become certified  to teach English as a foreign language at an international level, The TEFL students will be teaching free English classes for approximately a month.

Other groups currently at CEDEI include:  Augustana College, Syracuse University, Dickinson College and the University of Texas.  These groups will be participating in various classes including:  ceramics classes, Ecuadorian kitchen cooking classes, and tropical dance classes.  They will also be attending a lecture on Natural Medicine and they will also be visiting touristic places of our country including: Patate, The Middle of the World, Cajas National Park, Otavalo.