The students who are finishing preschool and General Basic Education at CEDEI School will receive an emotional homage as they finish their respective stages of their education.  This event will be held on June 26th at the school (km 1.2 of vía a Misicata).

As part of the program, there will be a graduation ceremony for the students, as a symbolic gesture of the culmination of this school year.  It will be a moment to remember the moments they have lived and, at the same time, set new goals for the upcoming stage.

One of the preschool students will recite the poem “Mi último día en el Jardín” ("My last day in the garden").  A representative from ninth grade will speak in representation of the students of that class.  It will be an emotional moment for both the students and their parents, grandparents, and other family members.

At the end of the event, the students will receive a diploma for having completed inicial education and general primary education.  In this way, CEDEI School will successfully complete another school year.

At the same time, the school will continue preparing for the next school year, with its belief in providing quality education.  Registration is now open for all levels.