The second intensive course cycle of this season will begin on October 27th. Those interested may enroll at any of CEDEI's three locations, in different areas of Cuenca.
To enroll in these courses students must take a placement exam to determine their level of English. Intensive classes are held Monday through Friday, for two hours daily. CEDEI offers different schedules according to the availability and need of our students.
A Speaking and Listening course will also be taught this cycle, aimed at people who want to improve their pronunciation and listening skills. This class will begin on October 27th and will run until November 17th. 
CEDEI also offers a preparation class for the IELTS exam, which will begin on October 27th. The IELTS is a test of international English, recognized by more than 8,000 organizations in over 130 countries worldwide 
Registration for our courses are now open!