CEDEI's International Programs Department is currently hosting different groups who will take advantage of their time in Ecuador to carry out interesting and varied activities.  A summary of the agenda for this week follows:

Syracuse University January

This group consists of 22 students and who arrived in Cuenca on January 16th. As part of their initial agenda, the students will explore the main streets of the capital of Azuay, in order to become familiar with it. An International Programs coordinator will accompany them on this tour.

The students will also have cooking classes this week, where they will learn to prepare typical Ecuadorian dishes.  They will have talks this week on topics such as Immigration and Latin American Reality.  The group will also have Spanish language and dance classes, in order to learn more about different aspects of Ecuadorian culture.  At the end of the week, the students will travel to Ingapirca.

North Park University

This group, consisting of 10 students, arrived to Quito on Saturday January 16th.  The students will tour various cities of the Northern Sierra region and then travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon region.  After this trip, the students will arrive at CEDEI to continue with their program of university studies in Ecuador.

Spring Semester

There are 11 students in this group, which arrived to Ecuador on January 18th.  Their initial activities include visits to places in Northern Ecuador including Otavalo, Peguche, and Quito.  Afterward, they will travel to Cotococha, a region in Eastern Ecuador where they will have various activities.  The group will then travel to Salasaca, Patate and will arrive in Cuenca next Sunday.