Cajas National Park, Ingapirca, Gualaceo, Chordeleg, and other Ecuadorian cities and landmarks are included on the travel itinerary for the international students studying in the International Department at CEDEI.

At this time, the department is working with groups from Syracuse University January, North Park University, Spring Semester, and Dickinson College. The students are earning credits for their studies at CEDEI which will transfer to their universities in the US. They are simultaneously completing extracurricular activities.

This week, the students from Syracuse University will visit the “Casa de la Mujer” women´s cooperative market and the Pumapungo Museum. In addition, they will attend a presentation about the “Ecosystems of Ecuador” to complement their visit to Cajas National Park. Also, the students will learn how to prepare typical Ecuadorian dishes and will go to tropical dance classes.

The group from North Park University will get to know the main streets in Cuenca in order to learn how to situate themselves better in the city. They will also attend a presentation on “Culture Shock” to better understand the different aspects of Latin American culture, which is fundamental to their connection to the Azuay capital.

By contrast, the group from Spring Semester arrived in Cuenca just last weekend. They will attend a presentation intended to help them recognize various aspects in relation to “Latin American Reality”, and they will prepare typical dishes from the Ecuadorian Highlands region in their cooking classes. These students will also attend the “Culture Shock” presentation.

Dickinson College is also currently in the Ecuadorian Highlands where the students will visit tourist destinations in the cities of Otavalo, Peguche, and Quito.