The ability to think allows us to achieve greater knowledge and personal development.  Because of this, CEDEI School organizes weekly talks on topics of interest in order to generate the critical and reflective capacity of its students. In this week's talk, students discussed happiness as an everyday attitude in order to face various situations in life.

At the same time, students learn about subjects such as math, science, social studies, and physics, among others. This is complemented by dynamic activities. For example, the children will use their creativity to make a flag that represents their class. In this way, they will celebrate "Flag Day" on September 24th.

CEDEI School's academic methodology promotes creativity, investigation, and analysis of different topics, all with the guidance of Ecuadorian and foreign teachers who motivate students in English, Spanish, and French (which is learned starting in fourth grade).

CEDEI School offers education for different levels:


-General Basic Education

-Bachillerato with an international vision