As part of the training that teachers receive in the English Program, this Friday a workshop on how to teach the preparation course for TOEFL will be offered to them.  This workshop will take place at CEDEI’s Centro location on Gran Colombia 11-02 and General Torres.

The TOEFL, Test of English as a Foreign Language, is an international proficiency test required at many international universities as part of the application process. CEDEI will be offering a TOEFL preparation course this coming intensive, starting on May 25.

The objective of the preparation course is to guide the students, step by step, through the different sections of the test, giving the students familiarity with them and what is involved before they take the official TOEFL exam. At the same time, the students strengthen the different skills necessary to obtain a high score on the test.

To take the preparation course, students need to have a high level of English since the course is designed to teach how to take the exam not to teach basic level English, which the students already need to have.

Additionally, CEDEI will be starting its second intensive session of the cycle this May 25. Registration is open for all levels.