The experience of learning another language, getting to know a different culture, and interacting with people of other traditions is an enriching experience. The foreign students studying in CEDEI's Department of International Programs come to Cuenca to experience everyday situations that are completely different from those that they are accustomed to in their home countries. 
Currently, there are 4 groups of study abroad students with CEDEI's Department of International Programs. They will take classes related to their college majors and simultaneously have other activities to get to know the Ecuadorian culture.
The 20 students from Syracuse University will be at CEDEI for 1 month. They will have a talk on ecosystems this week, with a focus on Cajas National Park, a beautiful natural area located a few kilometers from Cuenca that they will visit this weekend. 
The Medical Program is comprised of students studying medicine and related fields in the United States. Their experience in Ecuador is very interesting; they will visit various health centers in order to understand the medical system in Ecuador.
The Augustana College program includes groups of students that will stay in Ecuador for 5 and 10 weeks.  They will have ceramics classes, learn about "Immigrant Architecture," and visit the ruins of Ingapirca, an archaeological complex located in the province of Canar.
The TEFL program consists of 7 students who aspire to be English teachers. To obtain their certification, the students will teach free classes at CEDEI as part of their practical experience, which will be evaluated.
These and other activities are planned under the organization and care of the staff of CEDEI's International Programs Department, which has 22 years of educational experience.