The 13th of April will begin a new English classes cycle in CEDEI, with different ways to learn this language. Thus, the regular courses starting the 13th of April will be extended until the 18th of June. Courses are characterized by having a duration of one hour and fifteen minutes from Monday to Thursday.

Another option is the intensive courses which begin the13h of April and end the 15th of May. They last two hours daily, from Monday to Friday and constitute the ideal solution for those who want to learn English, in less time.

On the other hand, people who prefer to take advantage of the weekends, have an excellent choice in intensive courses on Saturdays, which begin the 18th of April and end the 20th of June. With a duration of four hours a week, students can study English with teaching methods and attractions to make classes fun and educational at the same time.

Enrolments are open.