Students from The State University of New York (New York - United States) are studying in the International Programs Department at CEDEI. They are part of the Medical Spanish program for students in the medical field.

The Medical Spanish is one of the programs offered by the International Programs Department at CEDEI. It promotes linguistic and cultural competences to improve the skills of health service professionals. It is designed for medical students, nurses, doctors, health assistants and workers who need to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients. The program includes formal study in the classroom as well as visits to hospitals and clinic, both public and private, as well as lectures on public health and natural medicine.

Therefore, these students will learn different aspects of the language, such as grammar and conversation skills, with a medical approach. Additionally, they will visit the Pablo Jaramillo Foundation to provide assistance in areas such as Pediatrics, Gynecology and Emergency; the Carlos Elizalde Health Center; the Hospital del Río; and the Center for Rest and Addictions, CRA. These visits will provide a deeper knowledge of Ecuador's health system.

The Department of International Programs offers a wide variety of programs for students from different areas, who want to continue their studies in Ecuador.