Different educational institutions in Cuenca participate in the nutrition and physical activity project, carried out by the CEDEI Foundation. One of the institutions that has implemented this project, in its classrooms, is CEDEI School.

For this reason, students in all grades participate in workshops to motivate them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Through dynamic and entertaining activities, students learn to choose the products they should consume in greater quantity and, at the same time, avoid those that are high in sugar, salt or fats.

In addition, children are encouraged to develop physical activity, as food and exercise are the ideal complements to a healthy life. The goal of this project is to teach healthy habits from an early age.

The nutrition and physical activity project is implemented by CEDEI, along with the CATCH Global Foundation, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of Ecuador. CATCH Global Foundation is an institution that runs projects aimed at providing child health and wellness in the United States. It was developed by researchers at the University of Texas School of Public Health.

The CEDEI Foundation has among its objectives education, social cooperation and training. Since nutrition plays a fundamental role in academic development, the CEDEI Inter-American Studies Center Foundation has considered it important to implement this nutrition and physical activity project.