While some foreign students are finishing their activities in CEDEI's Department of International Programs, others will continue with their activities this week to learn more about the Ecuadorian and Cuencano cultures.  The TEFL and Syracuse University groups end their academic programs this week, while the Dickinson College and Augustana College students will continue with their classes and other activities.
This week, Augustana College will prepare "encebollado de pescado," a typical Ecuadorian dish characterized by the use of onion and fish.  Another dish they will cook is called “tigrillo,” which uses plantains and eggs.  In their cooking class the students will learn to cook these and other dishes to really get to know the culinary traditions of Ecuador.  This group will also have dance lessons and travel to Gualaceo and Chordeleg, cities located 45 minutes from Cuenca.
The Dickinson College students will have pottery, cooking, and dance classes. They will also visit the Museum of the Aboriginal Cultures and travel to Saraguro, a city located in the province of Loja, 140 km south of Cuenca.  The inhabitants of Saraguro are distinguished by their preservation of the traditions of their ancestors. 
CEDEI says farewell to the students of the TEFL and Syracuse Unversity programs, who will travel to the United States and Santiago, Chile, respectively.