Gastronomy is a fundamental component of the culture of each country. Therefore, students from Syracuse University will prepare different Ecuadorian dishes, with the guidance of an expert in this area.
They'll cook local delicacies such as fritada, which uses pork as the main ingredient.  They'll also learn the secrets of "mote pillo," which uses corn and egg. Additionally, they'll learn to make the delicious "locro de papa," which is a potato soup.
In this way, the study abroad students in CEDEI's Department of International Programs develop different activities to learn about Ecuadorian and Latin American culture.
The North Park group consists of 11 university students. They started their program on January 20th and will have activities such as an orientation tour of Cuenca, talks on ecosystems and culture shock, dance lessons, and a visit to the ruins of Ingapirca, among others.
Other groups currently studying in this department are the Intersession group and Salisbury's English, Communication and Nursing program.  This week the students in these programs will focus on volunteer projects at CEDEI School. Subsequently, they will travel to the United States, as will the Luther Intersession students.