The Spring Semester students will get to know a beautiful part of Ecuador this week as they visit various places in the Galapagos.  This tour is part of the mid-semester break for this group, which arrived at CEDEI's Department of International Programs in January.
The students will have a period of relaxation as they tour the main attractions of the Colón Archipelago. After this trip, they will begin the second phase of their program at CEDEI, during which they'll continue with courses related to their majors, as well as many extracurricular activities such as lectures and visits to museums, tourist sites, and other places.
Another group currently studying in CEDEI's Department of International Programs is the Spring Education Program, comprised of students from Iowa State University and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
This students in this program are all studying majors related to the area of elementary education, including preschool and primary school.  The main part of their activities with CEDEI's International Programs will be student teaching assignments at CEDEI School, at the primary and preschool levels.