The St. Ambrose Intersession group (Iowa, United States) donated three tablets to the directors of the Stephen Hawking Educational Unit in Cuenca. This institution serves 40 children who have special needs, from ages 1 to 16.

The tablets have a language therapy computer program based on pictograms and are aimed at improving the children's communication. The donation was made on January 4, 2018, in the presence of the directors of Stephen Hawking, CEDEI staff, and language therapy students and directors from St. Ambrose University.

Amber Mendieta, leader of the Stephen Hawking Education Unit, points out that this center serves students who have multiple disabilities, both physical and behavioral. Therefore, the donation will be very useful for improving the children's communication skills, as well as their and their families' quality of life. Mendieta adds that the tablets will be used in classrooms, other areas as educational field trips, and for communication with their families and the community.

For her part, Cindy Cavanagh, professor at St. Ambrose University, expressed that she hopes that these technological tools will be useful for the children. In addition, Cavanagh gave a training to the teachers at Stephen Hawking, so that they understand the computer program's main applications and uses.

The St. Ambrose group is studying in the Department of International Programs at CEDEI, and started at the beginning of January. The group is made up of students majoring in Speech Pathology who are continuing their university studies here in Cuenca, Ecuador. Their studies are complemented with visits to various establishments that are related to their major.