When visiting CEDEI School, it is common to see children and adults from various parts of the world. Within this institution coexists people of different nationalities, customs and experiences. CEDEI School promotes multicultural learning.

In this way, the students of this institution have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge, beyond letters and numbers. Through pre-programmed activities, students are familiar with the customs and traditions of different countries.

This subject called Social Studies in the World is taught transversally, along with the learning of other subjects. For Isabel Aguirre, the director of CEDEI school the knowledge of other realities to help valuing our own culture and others, regardless of differences. This teaches us to be tolerant and recognize that there are ways of thinking, as valid as ours.

CEDEI school offers teaching for different levels, as follows:

Preschool: Ages 1 - 15
Dir: Nicanor Aguilar 3-55 entre Luis

Moreno Mora y Roberto Crespo

Elementary School & Highschool

Dir: Vía a Misicata Km. 1.2 (Cantón Gualaquiza s/n y Cantón Vinces-Los Ríos).