Part of the workshop on Migration Architecture will be an analysis of how buildings in the Azuay Province have changed because of Ecuadorian immigration to the US.   The students from the Augustana College program (Rock Island, Illinois USA) will attend this lecture.

This group studies at CEDEI in the department of International Programs in Cuenca.  Once they have finished their studies at CEDEI their universities in the US will receive credits in their centers of higher education.

Currently at CEDEI four university programs are chosen to study in the International Programs department.  Listed below is a summary of this week’s activities:

-Augustana College:  This group will attend a ceramics class, a cooking class Ecuadorian food, and a tropical dance class.  Additionally, they will attend a lecture on Cultural Shock.  The goal of this lecture is for students understand the cultural differences between Ecuador and the US.   They will also visit the Museum Pumapungo and they will go to Ingapirca.

- University of Texas: The students will go to the farms at San Joaquín and there they will see this region’s crops.   They will also attend a lecture on Water Sustainability and they will visit the ETAPA water treatment plant.  Furthermore, they will learn about natural medicine.  At the end of the week the students will travel to Cajas National Park.

-Summer TEFL: This group will give English classes.  These classes are a prerequisite to become a certified English professor.  Additionally they are going to travel to Ingapirca.

-Syracuse University:  In the mornings this group will have classes that are related to their college majors.  The activities that they have this week are the following:  cooking class, dance class and a lecture on Ecuadorian migration.