Ecuador is a multicultural country where people of different nationalities and cultures coexist. To better understand this unique feature, foreign students from the Fall Education group will attend a talk on the Identity and Bilingualism of the Shuar culture.

The Shuar are indigenous people that lives in the Ecuadorian East, characterized by conserving their ancestral traditions. These and other particularities of the Shuar culture will be analyzed by the students of the Fall Education group, which is studying in the International Programs Department, since mid-October.

In this way, students who come to this department know the Ecuadorian and Latin American culture, from different perspectives. Through lectures, visits to museums and other activities, the university students go into the reality of this region of the planet.

Another group that is in this department is the Fall Semester group. They will attend a lecture on Natural Medicine during this week to learn the secrets of certain plants and other products used by ancestral medicine. Also, this group will visit Las Conceptas Museum, which has relics and ancient religious pieces.

These and other activities allow university students to know the culture in an experiential way. With a well-structured agenda, the International Programs Department organizes all the details to make the best experience for foreign students.